Stories from Henshaw Companies

The Business Rants of Justin Henshaw

I hope 2019 was everything you expected. But, whether it was or wasn't, get ready to grab 2020 by the throat and make it what you want. It starts now.
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Coaster's Food Truck- Lasting Impact

I opened Coasters while I was still in college working on my BBA. I was 30 years old, fresh out of the Marines, living on the GI Bill and what little money I could make DJ’ing weddings...
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Attention, Business Owners: Do You Own Your Business, or Does Your Business Own You?

How does a business go from "line out the door" to "doors closed"? More often than not, behind it all, I believe you would find an entrepreneur who lost his or her passion. Their "want to" became "have to.”
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Give Me a Ship!

" most people, it’s taken me years to discover who I am. Sometimes, the gap between who you are and who you want to be is difficult to overcome."
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