Meet The team

"You Don't build a business, you build the people and people, then build the business."
- Zig Ziglar

Who We Are

Over the years, Henshaw Companies (HCo) has gained the knowhow to start, acquire, and scale companies, but it takes our rock-solid team to get it done - arguably the best of the best.  

You’ll notice that we don’t use the word “employee.”  Employees show up late, leave early, and steal while they’re there.  At HCo it’s about being a team member and a team player.
What does HCo give back?  Competitive salaries and benefits? Absolutely!   But more important, the belief that quality of life comes before profit gain.  It’s about building a family, not an empire, and believing in the importance of that community.  We put our team members and their families first.  By doing this we create an awesome work environment where we are all are inspired to be hard-working, reliable, and consistent.

Want to join the team?

Well, the lazy and entitled need not apply.  We are looking for Rock Stars and Go-Getters!  Hard workers and MVP’s!  If this is you, fill out the application found here and let's get to work!

The Management Team

Justin Henshaw
Manager at Smoothie King
James Buchanan
Regional Manager at Smoothie King
Manager at Smoothie King
Manager at Jimmy Johns
Madison Shilling
Manager at Fuse
Elena Edwards
Office Assistant for Island Sound
Director of Golden Isles Wedding Association
Ben Matthews
Director of Food and Beverage
Operator of Fuse
Operator of Jimmy Johns
Brandon Edwards
Office Assistant for Island Sound
Mike Hall
Operations Manager for Island Sound
Brian Walsh
Assistant Operations Manager for Island Sound
Patrick Carver
Manager for Fuse
Clay Caldwell
Creative Lead