Happy New Year, Everyone!

I hope 2019 was everything you expected.  But, whether it was or wasn't, get ready to grab 2020 by the throat and make it what you want.  It starts now.

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time now:  Write a blog.  Although, I feel like I’m about 20 years late to the whole blog party..I suppose that’s par for the course for me.  Just last year I vividly remember asking my wife, “Babe, what’s a snapchat?”  Then, just a couple weeks ago, I got ICED for the first time over Christmas.  (Thanks Mike!)  

To clarify what this blog is going to be about, it’s best to understand where it came from.

Years ago, I started journaling, personally.  I found it to be an awesome outlet to express ideas, experiences, challenges, and the basic ups and the downs from everyday life. Side Note-  If you’re not journaling, I strongly recommend it.  Check out the “Day One” journaling app.

Naturally, as this was a personal journal, many of the entries, or “posts" were things I would never let see the light of day.

After a while, I noticed that many of my posts were not “personal" in nature, but, more to do with my journey in business.  Which of course, ironically, can be very personal to an entrepreneur.  

Personal or not, as I read them back, I remember feeling surprised about how informative these "business-related entries” were, and how informative they could be if other people read them.   Not just from the perspective of a business owner or entrepreneur, but from the employee’s perspective as well.  So in a nut shell, I felt like most people would enjoy the content, dare I say, and find it useful.

I thought, “Why not make these posts public in the form of a blog- things that I’ve gone through and things that I've learned.  Struggles that I’ve endured and hardships that we’ve faced, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Battles I’ve won and, yes, the butt whoop-in's I’ve taken?”

So here it is. The business rants of Justin Henshaw.  For better or worse, take it or leave it, read it or don’t.  

We’ll also use this blog to announce new businesses coming down the pipe and updates on current projects.

But first one very big disclaimer:

Be Warned!  This blog will be REAL above all else.  If it was fake in any way there would be no point.  I’m not a writer, not an author, not an editor, and I certainly don’t claim to be.  Everything is coming straight from me.  So, if you can forgive many typos, and what I’m sure to be many errors in grammar, pronunciation and syntax, perhaps you’ll find this blog a worth while read.

First entry coming next week.  Hope you enjoy.  Stay tuned.